Sunday, February 3, 2013

Why I Suck at Blogging

Seriously. I suck at blogging.

Not because I have nothing to say. I have PLENTY to say. I'm just way. too. busy. lately. ALL THE TIME.

I'm totally one of those people that spreads herself too thin. If ONLY spreading myself too thin, would result in becoming thin...

I promise to start writing more...


You see, this week is a crazy week. I have about one bazillion (this indeed is a number) too many things to do before the hubs comes home on RnR next weekend! And well, then, I'm going to be too busy (busy. busy.) to think about this little blog. I promise I'll update y'all on all our outings. I'm so excited for the hubs to see/spend time with/enjoy our boys. They looked like this when he left:

and well, now they look like this:

They are totally different babies, I mean toddlers. My sweet, sweet boys are not babies anymore. sigh.

Later, y'all.


  1. I'll make you blog more, you'll make me blog more. We can start by linking up!

  2. I nominated you for the Liebster Award. So your next blog, I got you covered :)

  3. I completely understand about being busy and trying to find time to do blog post. I've found that scheduling them helps me out. Found you through the blog hop! Looking forward to reading more!
    Hated on the Playground