Sunday, September 2, 2012

Hello World.

It's hard to believe that I've been holding on to an empty blog for over a year. You'll learn throughout this blog that one of the many reasons it took me so long to start it up is because I have the most handsome, smartest, chubbiest, funniest 13 month old identical twin boys. They take up a lot of my time. Well that ... and I think I was just being lazy.

I'm not a lazy person, really - I just usually stretch myself too thin. Something I'm currently working on.

My husband has been telling me to write my blog for months. I had a reason for not doing it every time he brought it up. They were legit. Really.

My best friend, Brittany over at BMcAnally Photography designed my blog for me. She's a creative genius. She's also an amazing photographer. Check out my Meet Kayla photo, she took that ... back when she was a newbie photographer, now she's a bigwig even more amazing. Seriously.

What A Cluster ... I'm sure you are wondering, WHY? Well, my dear friend Stephanie and I have this amazing friendship. She's like the big sister I never got to have. We tend to be snotty and use bad language while together. During one of our many conversations, she replied with "Girl, it was a total cluster (insert f-bomb here)." And there you have it... total inspiration for my blog.

My life is crazy! In the past year and a half it's been full of ups & downs & in between moments. I wouldn't have it any other way though. It's made me who I am and it's totally going to make this blog rock.

What can you expect from this blog? You can expect it to be amazing, full of laughter (hopefully), probably some tears, and definitely a cluster of fun.

Just a little of what you might see:
  • rants about being a mom. duh.
  • being a military spouse.
  • multiples.
  • family & friends.
  • photos.
  • fitness. maybe... I really need to loose 15 pounds. Cheer me on?! 
  • my journey with God.
  • recipes & cooking.
  • crafting.
  • the Y. 
  • hair. nails. makeup. clothing. shoes. accessories.

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