Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Judgy Moms.

WARNING! Please make sure you are wearing your big girl panties before reading this. If you need to step away to find them, please do it. I will not apologize for my views or words in my thoughts to follow. This is aimed at no one specifically and if you take offense to this then you did not heed my warning and put on your big girl panties. OKAY?!

I am totally one of those judgy moms. (Hey, the first step is admitting right?) I said I would never be one, but I totally am. Before you start cursing me or telling me you will pray for me - please know that I KNOW that you judge too. Because the truth is we all do. I'm not saying it's right, I'm just stating the simple fact that we all do.

Why being a judgy mom sucks...
I have an opinion about EVERYTHING. You may not even ask for it, but you will hear it. I may not have the all the answers or even the right answers - but I will make my thoughts known.

Here's the problem, I have a handful of momma-friends who parent like me. And a whole 'nother group who parent the opposite of me. I love them both the same, but yet I still judge.

If you gave your child a bottle past the age of 1 - I judged you.

If you turned your child forward facing just because he/she hit the height/weight requirement at the age of 1 - I judged you.

If you gave your child a cup full of juice without watering it down - I judged you.

If your child ALWAYS misbehaves, whether or not you are around - I judged you.

If you chose to co-sleep - I judged you.

If you refuse to let your child cry (when there is OBVIOUSLY nothing wrong with him/her - I TOTALLY judged you.

Why? Because I'm judgy mom. And the best part of being a judgy mom? I can tell you that I don't approve and you still love me. WHY?

People. Do. Not. Always. Agree. 

So what do you do? Agree to disagree. Who Cares!

My point to this cluster of a post, is that no matter what you choose to do with your children, it doesn't matter, because in the grand scheme of things they are YOUR children and it's your life. So if you choose to wake up every hour to feed your child who clearly doesn't need to be fed in the middle of the night - then that's your choice. And I'll support you either way. :)

Because you know what? I am judged daily as well .. I let my twins CIO and believe in the Baby Wise program. (Here it comes, "Shut up, she let her kids CIO?!?!?! OhMyGosh...") We started discipline and teaching our boys the fundamentals of what is right and wrong when they could understand words and actions. AND I work part-time outside of the home. My children are in some form of childcare 20 plus hours a week. Judge me. It doesn't bother me. What is right for our family isn't always right for other families.

Cheers to all the Mommas out there... judgy or not.

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  1. Love this post. I feel the same way and wonder sometimes if I'm the only mom that let her kids CIO. Everyone judges in there own way but just don't admit it!